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May update: Tenancy Reforms handed down

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On Friday 26 May 2023 the McGowan Government announced the first tranche of changes to the Residential Tenancies Act – and we’ve got mixed reviews.

It is great news that we will finally see rent increases stabilised to once every 12 months, and that rent bidding (offering above the advertised price when there are multiple applications) will be banned. And we all know that not having to give up your pet to keep a roof over your head is a huge step forward.

However, we need to ensure that in the midst of this rental crisis, people feel secure in their homes, and these changes won’t see an end to ‘no reason’ evictions – one of the key elements of Make Renting Fair’s campaign asks.

The Government have left the door open for this change to happen soon – and we have to keep the pressure on. States like the ACT are leading the charge with rental reforms and we can’t let WA fall behind.

We’re holding a snap briefing to discuss where to next in the campaign on Wednesday the 14th June from 1-2pm WST – RSVP here to join us and find out where we go next. 

Read our media release below.

“Since we launched our campaign in 2019, we’ve heard again and again from renters crying out for more security in their tenancy.

“Ending no-grounds evictions is critical to supporting renters to assert their rights, feel comfortable and secure in their homes,  and to ensure tenants can stay where they are.

“Five other states have already moved forward with this important change to some degree or another, and there is no evidence rent reforms are causing investors to leave the market. 

“It is vital for both landlords and renters to have certainty around grounds for eviction and we want to work with Government to enact this important change in the next round of tenancy reforms.”

Colourful graphic that reads "Breaking: Government announces changes to the residential tenancies act. The good: Allowed pets and minor modifications; Rent bidding to be banned; Rent increases limited to once a year. The bad: Can still be evicted from your home with no grounds."
The changes won’t end no grounds evictions.