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Our Vision

We’re fighting to make renting fair in Western Australia.

Right now, we’re in the worst rental crisis we’ve experienced in decades, and we need to fight for renters.

Make Renting Fair started as a campaign in 2019 and so far we’ve worked with our alliance to:

  • Reduce the frequency of rent increases to once a year 
  • Ban rent bidding
  • Allow pets in rentals
  • Allow minor modifications such as hanging a picture, and  
  • Improve dispute processes, and 
  • Increase funding to tenancy support services 

But it doesn’t end here.

That’s why we’re fighting to end no grounds evictions and for minimum standards for renters.

Why are these your campaign asks?

Right now, renters can be evicted without notice or cause from their homes. Many more are facing dodgy rental standards – we’re talking black mould, leaking pipes, no insulation, dodgy wiring, no ventilation and the list goes on.

WA needs to follow in the footsteps of other states and ensure that we have a minimum standards model for renters, and that we can keep people in their homes.

What is stopping us from achieving these?

Right now, the State Government is considering implementing minimum standards for renters and ending no grounds evictions. The moment has never been riper for the taking – we could have these crucial reforms by the end of the year. But we have to keep the pressure on.

You can help. Take action now.

Take action now.

We can’t do it without you.

Head over to our Take Action page and make a difference for WA renters today.