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Fact Sheets

Our fact sheets are here to explain the ins and outs of things that impact WA renters, like “no reason” evictions.

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Tenancy Ten

October 2023

The Make Renting Fair Alliance is calling for ten changes that will dramatically improve life in a rented home.

Our survey of more than 800 WA renters informed these ‘Tenancy Ten‘ recommendations to make renting in WA more stable, secure and fairer for landlords and tenants.

Explaining No Reason Evictions

October 2023

Currently in WA a tenant can be evicted without any reason under what is known as “no fault”, “no grounds” or “no reason” evictions. Learn more about no reason evictions and why we’re fighting to put an end to them.

Comparison of tenancy laws across Australia

October 2023

See how WA stacks up against against other Australian States and territories, plus the UK, France and the USA.

You can also view as a Google Sheets document.