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DEADLINE EXTENDED! National rental inquiry: Make a submission

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The deadline has been extended to 1st September! Make your submission below.

The Federal Parliament is considering the experiences of renters through the National rental inquiry. Help Make Renting Fair by making a submission!

You can make a submission whether you are currently renting or not, via https://bit.ly/rent-inquiry

Here’s some tips on how to write a good submission.

Here are some questions to help with your submission

  1. Tell us about your experience looking for a home as a renter.
    • How long did you search for a rental property?
    • How many properties did you view?
    • How many did you apply for?
    • What kind of compromises did you make to get a property you could afford?
    • How has your search impacted you, your family, your health, your employment or study? 
  2. Tell us about your experience of paying rent.
    • Can you afford your rent?
    • Has your rent been increased?
    • How would future rent increases affect you and your household?
    • How would rent control affect your experience as a renter? 
  3. Tell us about the standards of rental properties you have lived in.
    • Have you lived in a rental property that has not been maintained or repairs in line with basic standards?
      • How has this impacted you?
  4. Tell us about how secure you feel as a renter.
    • Have you had a rental dispute or received a notice to vacate from your landlord or agent?
      • How did this impact you?
    • Would longer or perpetual leases affect your experience as a renter?
    • Should landlords be able to ask tenants to leave at the end of a lease for no reason?
    • Have you had any experiences with Consumer Affairs Victoria, VCAT, Renters and Housing Union, Tenants Victoria or other tenancy dispute/support services?
      • How was your experience? 
  5. Tell us about any privacy breaches you might have experienced as a renter.
    • Have you had experiences of your landlord or agent breaching your privacy?
    • How do you feel about having to use a third-party rental platform to apply for a property or to pay your rent? 
  6. Tell us how Airbnb and the short-stays industry has affected your renting options, or the community you live in.
  7. What would you like the government to do to make renting fair?

Tips for writing a strong submission

When crafting your submission, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Clearly address some or all of the terms of reference, focusing on the aspects that resonate with your experience.
  • Ensure your submission is relevant and highlights your personal experience as a renter.
  • Keep your submission concise, aiming for a length of four to five pages at most.
  • Begin with a brief introduction about yourself or any organisation you represent.
  • Clearly emphasise your key points, ensuring the most important information is not buried.
  • Outline both the issues you have encountered and potential solutions, as the committee seeks innovative ideas from submissions to form recommendations.
  • Include only documents that directly relate to your key points.
  • Include information that you are comfortable seeing published on the internet.

You can find more information about the inquiry here:
The worsening rental crisis in Australia – Parliament of Australia (aph.gov.au)