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October update: Renters’ stories

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 The Make Renting Fair campaign has been gaining momentum in the last month as we continue to advocate for much-needed tenancy law reforms in WA.

This month we were proud to welcome four new members to the Alliance: the Financial Counsellors’ Association, Justice Reform Initiative, Community Legal WA, and LinkWest. 

We presented to the WA Peaks Forum, and will be speaking to LinkWest’s 120 regional members in the coming weeks. If you would like an update from our campaign to your organisation or members please drop me a line – Chantal@shelterwa.org.au 

This month we’re focusing on the compelling stories from renters and new data coming in from our Renters Survey on the impact of ‘without reason’ evictions and in particular the fear tenants live in for the entirety of their tenancy which leaves them too scared to assert their rights for thing like maintenance and even privacy.

We know maintenance issues with rental properties is a huge problem for renters, but didn’t know just how bad it was until our survey results stated coming in and showed 64% of renters are having problems with leaks, dampness or mould and 32% are having issues with hot water in their current rental. 

Preliminary results from our Make Renting Fair survey are showing 37% of respondents were concerned a request for repairs or maintenance in their current rental could get them evicted and 63% were concerned the request might make the landlord less likely to renew their lease. 

The absence of minimum standards combined with extremely insecure tenure translates to an overwhelming number of West Aussie renters too scared to assert their rights to a well maintained home. This has to change. 

You can help us secure these crucial reforms and a fairer WA – here’s how!

  • Would you consider joining the campaign formally and becoming a member of the Make Renting Fair Alliance? We’d love to have your logo on our website, and share media and advocacy opportunities with you.  For more information please contact chantal@shelterwa.org.au 
  • Share our Renters Survey with your staff, clients and members and help us reach 1,000 renters! It takes 10 minutes and will help us provide the most compelling evidence for long overdue changes to our tenancy laws. Take the Survey Here.

To find out more about the campaign keep an eye on (or share) the stories and breaking news we’re rolling out on our Facebook page .

A colourful graphic reading: "Of our MRF Participants: 64% had reported issues with leaks, dampness or mould; 59% had difficulty keeping the property cool or warm; 51% had issues with locks, doors or windows."