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September update: Survey results

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The Make Renting Fair campaign, proudly being coordinated by Shelter WA, Circle Green, Anglicare WA, and WACOSS  is advocating for strong tenancy law reforms in WA. 

The initial results of the Make Renting Fair 2022 survey are in, and they are demonstrating just how bad the experience of renting is in WA.

Very concerningly, 95 per cent of survey participants said they simply could not afford for their rent to increase another 10% – as they’re predicted to in the coming months. 

A large number of survey participants said that their requests for maintenance on things like mould, water leaks and broken fences simply got ignored or put off until the landlords suggest that the tenants move out.  71 per cent said they were concerned a request for repairs or maintenance would make the landlord less likely to renew their lease. 

There were also many experiences of ‘no grounds’ evictions which made for a stressful and expensive time for many renters. Shockingly, survey participants noted that they believe it was because they had questioned large rent increases. 

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing not just the survey results, but the real stories of WA renters on our social media and website, and making sure their lived experience is front and centre of this campaign. 

We’d love your support on this crucial, collaborative campaign – here’s how!   

  • Would you consider joining the campaign formally and becoming a member of the Make Renting Fair Alliance?  We’d love to have your logo on our website, and share media and advocacy opportunities with you.   For more information please contact chantal@shelterwa.org.au 
  • Share our Renters Survey with your staff, clients  and members and help us reach 1,000 renters! It takes 10 minutes and  will help us provide the most compelling evidence for long overdue changes  to our tenancy laws. Take the Survey Here.
  • To find out more about the campaign keep an eye on (or share) the stories and breaking news we’re rolling out  on our Facebook page .
A colourful graphic reading: "According to the make renting fair 2022 survey, 95% of renters would find it difficult or very difficult financially if rents were to increase another 10% in the next 12 months, as predicted."